btbit.org is a magnet link search engine, used to solve the problem of excessive distribution of resources, through the BitTorrent protocol agreement to join the DHT network, monitoring DHT network (such as Thunder network), real-time automatic data collection, only the file title, File list, file identifier (magnet link) and other basic information btbit.org magnet search does not download any real resources, can not determine the legitimacy of resources and authenticity, the use of Btbit magnet search service users need to identify the authenticity of the contents of their own btbit.org magnet search does not upload any resources, does not provide Tracker service, does not provide seed file downloads, which means Btbit is a fully legal system


The btbit.org server does not cache any files and does not publish any files to the Internet
btbit.org does not provide download links (magnet links, links to Thunder) or download files
btbit.org does not provide any picture preview or video playback
btbit.org automatically indexed content, if there are copyright issues and bad information, please contact us to delete the relevant index


btbit.org some initial filtering on the search, shielding the thesaurus is also constantly expanding, please submit to add to help us improve the system better
btbit.org defaults to exact match by search term, sorted by file creation time; if no match, btbit.org magnet search returns the result is magnet link, this does not mean that you can directly download resources through btbit.org magnet search, you need to download the tool to achieve download
The current mainstream download tools are: Thunder, QQ whirlwind, BitComet and so on


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